Tim Loe


Tim Rivers 'Echoes'

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I carefully chose a place and a time of day that I thought might resonate with the music. Video and song premiered on Folk Radio UK as song of the day.

Abel & Eade 'Wayfaring Stranger'

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With this video we followed a river to the sea, as an analogy for the theme of the song. Video and song premiered on Folk Radio UK as song of the day.

Pocket Lint 'Dead Heroes'​

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A playful exploration using a collage of photos, animations, video and time lapse footage. I really enjoyed turning Mark’s adventurous ideas into reality.

Matt Palmer Band 'The Flood'​

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I combined Matt’s captures of transport systems and tidal events with footage of the band. I used layering techniques to create a montage effect.

Ben Morgan-Brown 'Only So Young'

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I filmed five songs in one day using a two camera set-up, and then captured detail shots to add context. I also captured, edited and synced the sound.

Tim Rivers 'Landline'​

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I worked with materials and light to portray the theme of the song. A frayed thread follows over rusted edges, objects and surfaces to augment the story.

Tim Rivers 'Bee Keeper'​

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I loved seeing the live art projections on Feist’s Reminder tour. This piece was draw in a single take while listening to the music. Primal perhaps.

Sam Loe 'Hibernation Relaxation'​

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The idea was to introduce the season with outdoor shots, and then run through a yoga posture that might be appropriate to that time of year.

"That is incredible. Love love love it"

Pocket Lint

"The videos have helped me secure gigs with venues and festivals"

Ben Morgan-Brown

"You've done a fantastic job and I love it"

Rosie Eade

"I thought I'd share some of the responses to the video: I love this... thanks so much ❤️"

Sam Loe
Yoga Instructor

"I love the video. It really works with the song"

Liam Ross
Recording Engineer