Tim Loe


Tim Loe, Open Spaces

A collection of instrumental pieces created to accompany video projects. With each piece I wanted to create a feeling of space and some kind of emotion or atmosphere.

Tim Loe, Home Recording Archive

A selection of musical ideas that I captured at home from 2007 to 2017. Often these developed from experimentation with an alternative tuning, or a feeling or musical idea.

Tim Loe, Song/Idea

A place to bring together some of my original material with lyrics. ‘Be Here Now’ was recorded by Liam Ross.

"A heartfelt delivery from a name I hope to hear more from soon."

Alex Gallacher
Folk Radio UK

"Really like it. I have listened on lots of different speakers and it sounds cracking."

Pocket Lint

"Your tracks sound great! Crisp, clear and full. Your guitar playing is as magical as ever."

Oh Detriot

"I really like the super-wide stereo on the guitars. Very atmospheric stuff."

Matt Palmer